A Ground Proximity Warning System or GPWS is a type of equipment on airplanes that warns pilots if they are at a dangerously low altitude and at risk of crashing. Consequently, their main job is to prevent what is called a “controlled flight into terrain crash” (CFIT) that is an accident in which an aircraft crashes into the ground, water, or an obstacle despite having the proper crew and conditions to fly. CFITs typically come as a result of navigational errors, pilot disorientation or fatigue, or reduced visibility due to poor weather conditions. Since the widespread implementation of the GPWS in the 1970s, CFIT incidents have become much less frequent, proving the system’s effective use in flight operations. Moreover, the use of GPWS on large aircraft has become required by law in many countries, making it an important system with which all aircraft operators should become familiar.

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The speed of ground vehicles like cars is easy to measure, as they use only one type of speed. However, once you take flight, factors such as air density and wind come into play and must be accounted for. The quantifying of these factors is what necessitated the creation of four different measurements of airspeed. When someone mentions airspeed, they are referring to one of the following: indicated airspeed, true airspeed, ground speed, and calibrated airspeed. This blog will explain each of the four types and what they measure.

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When transporting an aircraft around the airport runway, the towbar is an essential tool to have and maintain. The towbar allows for attachment to the nose landing gear or wheel of the aircraft, and then is pulled by hand or a tractor. For smaller aircraft, this prevents damage that may be caused if the aircraft is pulled by the propellers, and provides the possibility to move larger aircraft in general. While some aircraft have the capability of reverse thrust, this can present issues such as waste of fuel, damage to nearby hangers, gates, and equipment, as well as cause sand and debris to get into the engine. As a result, the towbar proves to be the most efficient and safe method for a towing operation. In this blog, we will discuss how to safely operate a towbar and each aircraft towbar part to be aware of during checks and procedures.

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Aerospace is an industry in which painstaking care must be taken to ensure the safety of mechanics, crews, pilots, and passengers alike. Practicing safe work habits while operating ground support equipment (GSE) is no different. GSE is the equipment found at an airport’s servicing area by the terminal. It is used to service aircraft in between flights as well as support the operations of the aircraft while on the ground. Many airlines subcontract handling of GSE to a handling agent or even another airline. Regardless of who is using ground support equipment, they must do so with care. Responsible use of ground support equipment is imperative not only to safety, but also the success and continued growth of business. There are three main reasons why safe GSE operation is so important.

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